About the website

The website itself is a rather ambitious and challenging project for us all considering the fact that we all have regular and demanding full-time jobs and work on the website in our free time. It should gradually develop into a fully interactive website in 3 separate language versions - Slovak, English and Japanese- with the English version intended to interlink the remaining two as well as provide extra information about Slovakia (partly also about Japan) for English speakers from all around the world. As a result, these versions will not be totally identical but rather try to focus on most interesting aspects of life in both countries.

As for information sources it is perhaps quite understandable that apart from "our internal resources" we also heavily rely on internet resources, literature, press, etc. available and therefore, even after cross-verification, it is not always possible to ensure the credibility of all facts posted on this website. Hence any comments, contributions, clarifications, explanations, etc. from you as website visitors are more than welcome and shall be greatly appreciated. Ideally, the website should also serve as a forum for all people interested in both countries to exchange their ideas, experience, opinions, recipes, etc. Actually, choice is yours (and ours :-)), of course.