NISSUBASHI Association

was founded in July 2003 with the aim of promoting mutual multilateral cooperation between Slovakia and Japan. Association's activities revolve around 3 young people with different professional background who share common passion for everything related to Japan and Slovakia. One of them thanks to her long-term residency in Japan has got hands-on experience from living in Japan and because of her linguistics degree she is fluent in Japanese. Personal experience with the life in this interesting and fascinating country combined with the knowledge of the local language, mentality, cultural traditions and lifestyle of the Japanese shall hopefully guarantee that the information provided on this website is both reliable and credible.

Except of running this website the association would gradually like to develop its activities into a wide range of services vital for the establishment of successful and prolific cooperation between two such different countries as Slovakia and Japan undoubtedly are; that is to say offer high quality professional translations, interpreting, consulting & advisory services, etc. Furthermore, we would like to facilitate cultural, educational and sport events aimed at bringing together Slovak and Japanese institutions, communities, NGO's, businesses as well as individuals in different regions of Slovakia and Japan.

Nissubashi Association is based in Banska Bystrica (central Slovakia). Its name has a symbolic meaning and stands for NIppon (Japan), SUrobakia (Slovakia) and BASHI (bridge).


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